A little bit about us

Wicked Productions was started back in 2005 by Greg Valentine. With over 7 years of experience under our belt, Wicked Productions has grown to be a full-service agency. We make your concept a reality in matter of weeks and at your budget. To us, our product is not a success unless it results in a completely satisfied client.

Our Process

Below is an example of our process, at every stage the client is involved in the process.

Step 1: Conceptualization
Our process starts with an initial client meeting. We do this to get a basic idea of what the client is looking for in a website and develop a basic outline.

Step 2: Wireframe
Following the discussion about the goals of the website, we put together some wireframes of the site. This way, we can lay out all the content for the site to see how everything will function and ultimately be laid out on the pages.

Step 3: Design
The next step is to design the look and feel of the website. We usually present an initial design to the client to receive feedback about the direction the design is taking thus far. From there we make revisions based on the client’s thoughts.

Step4: Development
When the design is complete, we move on to development. We first discuss with the client about what platform would be best to suit their needs. For instance, we can create a simple html website; or develop a complete back-end like Wordpress.

Step 5: Testing
Once the design and development of the site is complete, we then will test it to ensure it is fully functional on all devices from a smartphone to your desktop. After a final inspection by the client, the site goes live!

Questions? Or would like more information, please contact us.
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